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ICARE (on behalf of Homecare Independent Living)
Callan House 49 Hill StreetMilford
County Armagh
BT60 3NZ
Tel: (028) 37524111

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Befriending Volunteer

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About the Opportunity
Due to the increase in older people living alone in isolation and feeling cut off from their family, friends and community, ICARE felt the need to set up a Volunteering Befriending Service. This service aims to reach out to those older people who are most vulnerable in the community.
The service will be offered to older people that live alone with limited family support and limited social and community contact. The aim of the project will be to reduce loneliness and social isolation of the older person and volunteers will visit between 1-3 hours per week.

What Is Expected of Volunteers?
The volunteers will encourage and facilitate people to become more integrated into their community by joining a hobby or interest which they have enjoyed in the past. This will include a broad range of health improvement programmes such as:
• A short walk around the area
• A visit to a local park, church, library or museum
• Getting active around the house and garden, e.g. growing their own vegetables and herbs
• Baking and cooking with people with fresh healthy ingredients
What Are the Benefits to the Older People?
The older people will feel more confident, supported and secure in their own community by getting to know their neighbours and community members.
*Please note, volunteers must be aged 18+

Min Hours Per day

Skills and Experience
Communication Skills,
Older people

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Older People

The volunteer must be over the age of 18 and have an interest in befriending older people. Volunteers will not be able to start until we are in receipt of a clear Access NI disclosure check


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